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What’s The Deal With Exogenous Ketones?

What’s The Deal With Exogenous Ketones?


If you have been doing any kind of research on the ketogenic diet, ketosis, and living a keto lifestyle than chances are you have herd something about exogenous ketones and noticed there is lots of controversy around them. So, before we go any further I want to answer the question I know some of you may be asking… what the heck are exogenous ketones? Well to keep it super simple exogenous is just a fancy way of saying something that is taken orally that originated outside of our bodies, so exogenous ketones are simply ketones you can take through supplementation that put you in a state of ketosis. Now that we have cleared that up you’re probably asking yourself well that sounds fine and all…but do they work? And that is a great question that I am going to answer, but before I do I want to address why we would even need them in the first place.

Let’s start by taking a look at the ketogenic diet and how long it takes to get our bodies into a state of ketosis naturally. The ketogenic diet consists of getting your macros right in order to get your body into a natural state of ketosis that is broken down as follows…5% carbs (only 20 grams per day) 20% protein, and 75% fats. Now it is important that you understand that most of us have been living on sugar and carbohydrates our entire lives, and while we would love to get into a state of ketosis naturally in a day or two it’s just not going to happen. Getting into ketosis means that now we our switching our bodies over to an entire new fuel source, which means your cells have to basically build new machines for fat… or build new enzymes to breakdown a totally new source of fuel. So, how long does it take to get into ketosis naturally? Well if you are very very healthy it can take maybe a week, but on average it will take between 4-6 weeks of your body completely switching over.

The question now is how do you know when it is starting to work? In a state of ketosis, you will start to notice that you can go longer periods of time without eating and when you do eat you will feel full and satiated. You will also notice that your cravings for sugar are all but gone, your brain will feel better…no more brain fog! and you will start to experience new mental focus and clarity like never before. Your sleep will improve your bodies energy levels will increase and you will most likely lose a good amount of weight. Some things you may experience during this change are fatigue, sleeping issues, cramps, bloating, and the keto flu so be aware of this ahead of time and be prepared to manage them.

Okay so why would we want to use exogenous ketones and do they even work? I love this question because human nature makes it so easy to answer! The ketogenic diet is great for so many reasons… weight loss, energy increase, reversing disease, reduced inflammation, and a better mood, I could go on and on here. There is just one HUGE problem…sticking to a strict keto diet long term is very very hard, and the long-term success rate is very very low.  There are many reasons for this due to the gross amount of misinformation out there, but mostly… it is just plain HARD. Let’s face it eating 20 grams or less of carbs each day is not easy…especially since you can go over 20 grams of carbs eating fruits and vegetables and forget about eating an apple or a banana. Long story short people often find themselves having a cheat meal that throws them out of ketosis and when they realize it can take as long as two weeks to get back in ketosis they fall of the wagon completely which is so frustrating and deflating it is hard to ever get back on track, and if they do this process will all most always repeat itself sabotaging results..

Okay let’s get back to the question Do exogenous Ketones even work? Well in short…Yes, they do and extremely well! That being said, there is as much misinformation on exogenous ketones as there is the ketogenic diet itself and I am going to clear that up now. First off, I want to point out that every company out there that sells any kind of supplements is trying to jump on the band wagon to sell some form of exogenous ketones, making some bold promises about weight loss and other things. Exogenous ketones are a form of manmade Beta-hydroxybutyrate or (BHB) which is one of the three ketone bodies (or energy molecules) our bodies make when running on fat. The other two ketone bodies we make are Acetoacetate (AcAc) and Acetone. Of the three BHB makes up to 78% of the ketones in our blood because it creates the most abundant and stable energy source while the other two are lost through respiration and perspiration.

Now our bodies make two types of BHB…a right-handed version D-BHB (the version our cells can use) and a left-handed version L-BHB (the version our cells can’t use). When you use a Left-Handed version of BHB your blood and urine will actually test positive for elevated ketones levels and you will assume you are in ketosis, there is just one problem with that. Ok I am going to get a little sciencey for a minute here, but I will keep it as simple and easy to understand and trust me this is very important to understand. It all comes down to Bio Availability.

Look at it like this you have a right hand and a left hand…they are both hands, but they are like mirror images of each other. The cell wall has a little imprint that the ketone must match up with, and our cells have right handed imprints on the cell wall, so you can’t use a left handed chemical to get across that membrane. The bottom line is that there is only one version of BHB that your cells can absorb and use for energy and that is the Right-Handed version.

Okay finally. With all the different brands out there which one should you use? Here is the sad truth… there is only one company that uses the right-handed version of BHB and they have a patent on it. That means all of the other companies that sell exogenous ketones are selling a left-handed version, not only that but the amount they use is so little it is referred to as ferry dusting.

If you want to get the only right-handed version of exogenous ketones and get all of the benefits of being in a state of ketosis than the company you can buy them from is Pruvit. They have led the charge from the beginning in research, science and technology and have created the most bio identical exogenous ketones that have changed the lives of millions and created unquestionable results.

In closing I want to offer my opinion on getting into ketosis naturally vs. using exogenous ketones. I have done it both ways and as I have pointed out above doing it naturally can be very challenging especially for the long run. I have been in ketosis for three and a half years now and have done so using Pruvit exogenous ketones for the better part of three years. I still eat a mostly keto diet low carb moderate protein, and higher fat but I do not rob myself or beat myself up if I have a piece of birthday cake or want to take my wife out to dinner and eat something that would otherwise throw me out of ketosis. Life is meant to be lived not survived through, and I eat well exercise and use exogenous ketones and as a result I am in the best shape of my life… happy healthy and fit. To learn more about Pruvit Exogenous Ketones Click Here Now 

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